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CEO Report

Daniel Gobena

our vision.

I am proud to share our vision: 'Create a thriving, inclusive, and connected community for all to flourish.

Our mission is deeply rooted in empowering individuals, families, and communities to foster resilience, self-determination, and sustainable, enduring positive transformations.

Our approach is informed by insights from the World Bank's "Voices of the Poor" report, which highlights how perceptions of poverty vary between those who are materially poor and those who are not. The report concludes that poverty is often a result of broken relationships, guiding our focus at MECA on healing and strengthening these relationships. We maintain this focus in all our endeavours, living by our core values: innovation for progress, dignity in relationships, empowerment for autonomy, and accountability for results.

At MECA, we recognise that everyone possesses unique skills and talents. We channel this belief into challenge-oriented initiatives to truly empower our community members. Our growth is evident in the expanding range of programs we offer and the increasing number of clients we support. We were honoured to be recognised as the best Multicultural Organisation in the Blacktown LGA by the Blacktown City Council for 2022.

We engage with over 200 young people weekly through diverse programs such as school-based youth mentoring, creative art, music, homework support, and indoor sports. Our ability to mobilise over 75 volunteers and students this fiscal year is a testament to our aspiration to be a Multicultural Centre of Excellence.

core belief.

A core belief at MECA is the concept of 'Flearning' – a blend of failing and learning. This concept, which I learned from an entrepreneur this year, is integral to our ethos of continuous improvement and excellence. One of our key strengths is assisting migrants and refugees in settling within the Blacktown LGA, providing support through our experienced caseworkers and dedicated volunteers. We understand that better settlement outcomes are achieved with support for the family, access to quality education, and an environment that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit.

As a member, MECA values the collective work done within the NSW Settlement Partnership (NSP) consortium. MECA looks forward to the Settlement, Engagement and Transition Support Program tender, as it is our core service and MECA is best positioned to support humanitarian entrants within Blacktown.

Our crucial role in supporting the Pacific Island community initiative to establish a community hub in Mount Druitt is a highlight for us. It epitomises our commitment to addressing challenges in a culturally sensitive and effective manner.

i am because you are.

The African philosophy of Ubuntu—"I' am because you 'are"—resonates deeply with us at MECA, reflecting our belief in our interconnected destinies. Embodying this spirit, we launched the "Ubuntu Construction Project" to provide employment opportunities in the construction industry for our CALD clients.

I am immensely proud of our achievements and the positive impact we continue to make. We are committed to being a community centre that meets the essential needs of our clients and fosters a spirit of collective growth and empowerment.

Finally, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the entire MECA family. To our management committee, your leadership and guidance are the backbone of our organisation, steering us towards our vision with unwavering dedication. To our staff, your daily commitment and hard work are the driving force that brings our mission to life; your efforts create the meaningful change we see in our community every day.

To our volunteers, the time and wisdom you generously share are invaluable. You are the unsung heroes whose contributions significantly impact the lives of those we serve. And to our students, your innovative thinking and passion are inspiring. You are not just the future of our community but also active participants in shaping a better world today.

Each one of you plays a crucial role in the MECA family. Together, we are more than just a team; we are a community united by a shared purpose to empower, uplift, and transform lives. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Your dedication, creativity, and spirit are what make MECA a beacon of hope and progress.